Lismore mum gives birth just days after her home was engulfed by floodwaters

Amid the devastating flooding in the north-eastern NSW city of Lismore, a mum has given birth to her third child.

Jahnaya Mumford was 38 weeks pregnant when her family’s house became completely engulfed by floodwaters and everyone was forced to get up on the roof.

“We knew that we were going to flood, but not to the extreme that we did,” Ms Mumford told Today.

Lismore Mother Jahnaya Mumford and her family described their experience of escaping from their house, which was engulfed by floodwaters. (9News)

“It [floodwaters] came through the house so quickly we didn’t have time to really do anything.”

Ms Mumford said getting to a safe spot was difficult because of her pregnancy.

“We got up in the manhole for a bit and everyone on the phone was like you need to get out, you could get stuck up there. So we got back down, which was quite hard because my belly didn’t even fit through the manhole properly.”

Making things even more difficult Ms Mumford’s husband Cliff ended up in hospital with a staph infection.

But a few days later, the family were celebrating as Ms Mumford gave birth to her son Harlem.

“It was really good. It was actually a 30-minute labour so it was quite fast,” Ms Mumford said.

“It was emotional because we’d had a still birth in October 2020 so he was already our rainbow baby.”

The family has been unable to return to their homes due to the extensive flood damage.

But a kind stranger has been letting the family stay in their home.

“A lady on Facebook put something up about anyone need a place to stay, our house is there,” Mr Mumford said.

Lismore Mother Jahnaya Mumford gave birth to her son Harlem just days after her home was hit with devastating floods.
Lismore Mother Jahnaya Mumford gave birth to her son Harlem just days after her home was hit with devastating floods. (9News)

Ms Mumford said the family has been trying to find a more permanent solution while they work through the damage done to their home.

But they haven’t had much luck.

“We applied for the accommodation for like a motor home or a caravan. I applied five times and never heard anything back. So, it’s been quite hard because we were hoping to try to get something to put at the front of our house so we can start getting the house sorted while I have three kids with me,” Ms Mumford said.

She also described the pain the entire Lismore community has been feeling over the devastating floods.

“It’s really hard to actually even put into words how any people are feeling,” Ms Mumford said.

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“Especially the shop owners, especially people who just started cleaning up their homes and their businesses. You know the town was wiped through again by another flood only a couple of weeks later. So, that just puts [up] that anxiety. You don’t know where to go, how to start, start from scratch again, if it’s going to happen again.”

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