Campo’s Corner: New stars and old powers combine in the 2022 NRLW team of the year

Expansion is a tricky business, especially in a sport like rugby league which has such a natural aversion to things that are new and different and takes such comfort in its own nostalgia. 

This inherent fear of change, a failure to trust the game itself to be enough, hamstrung the growth of the sport for years. Instead of building a new future, the league too often tries to recreate a past that is already gone. 

That’s what makes the success of this year’s NRLW season something of a miracle. It’s been a breath of fresh air for a game that too often refuses to open its lungs. 

After the inaugural season in 2018, league’s natural caution proved to be an asset. Rather than rapidly adding new teams for the sake of it, they stuck with the original four teams for almost four years in an effort to ensure the talent pool would not be drained too quickly.

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