F1 Australian Grand Prix returns to an upgraded circuit at Albert Park in Melbourne

The Australian Grand Prix is back. 

Formula 1 returns to Melbourne for the first time since 2019 for round three of the championship.

The circuit at Albert Park has gone through a $20 million upgrade that aims to produce great racing battles.

As the world’s best drivers become acquainted with Melbourne again, here is everything you need to know about this weekend’s grand prix.

New-look track creates overtaking opportunities

The Albert Park circuit has been upgraded since the last grand prix with an emphasis on designing a track that will encourage overtaking.

The most notable change to the circuit is the removal of the Clark chicane, which use to be turns nine and 10.

Drivers use to accelerate through the sweeping turn 8 and brake hard for the chicane, before heading down the back of the course.

The new track outline at Albert Park in Melbourne.(F1)

The removal of the chicane means drivers will be able to put their foot to the floor along the lake before navigating the fast left-right chicane (now turns nine and 10) and then onto the back straight.

There have also been five corners that have been widened, hopefully allowing for more overtaking.

The most notable of these is turn six, which is now 7.5 metres wider than it was three years ago.

“I think they will make quite a big difference, especially in turn six where the most significant change has happened,” world champion Max Verstappen said.

“There should be more overtaking opportunities now too, which is always positive.”

The track has also been resurfaced for the first time since the grand prix was first held in Melbourne in 1996.

Australian Grand Prix sets record for DRS zones

For the first time in F1 history, a race track will feature four DRS zones.


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