Kmart shoppers left baffled by Easter cracker mix-up

Kmart shoppers have shared their amusement after opening Easter-themed crackers bought at the popular retail chain.

While bon bons have long been a traditional staple at Christmas gatherings everywhere, Kmart now sells crackers for Easter too – at $2 for a six pack.

But it seems even the manufacturers of the crackers have been left confused by the appearance of bon bons at Easter time.

One Victorian mum took to Facebook to share her surprise at finding Christmas jokes inside her Kmart Easter crackers.

Many Kmart shoppers have shared photos of Christmas jokes found in their Kmart Easter bon bons. (Facebook)

“My husband got a good laugh out of the ‘Easter crackers’ I got the kids from Kmart,” she shared on the Facebook group ‘Kmart mums’.

“All six crackers had Christmas jokes in them…good old Kmart and recycling.”

Many others commented that they had the same experience after opening their crackers on Easter Sunday.

“We’ve been laughing at that all day as we experienced the same! Every time someone would crack one open we would all start giggling again!” another Kmart shopper wrote.

Other shoppers weren’t so amused.

“I was like WTF, Christmas jokes, never again,” one shopper wrote.

It’s not the only controversy to surround the Kmart Easter crackers.

Last month, when the crackers first went on sale, one shopper posted a photo on Facebook of an “inappropriate” charade suggestion she found in her cracker. 

A Kmart shopper was taken aback by this charade suggestion in her Easter bon bon.
A Kmart shopper was taken aback by this charade suggestion in her Easter bon bon. (Facebook: Kmart Hacks and Decor)

Eyebrows were raised after it suggested acting out a scene from the adult book and film “50 Shades of Grey”.

“Just make sure the adults vet the jokes/charade things before the kids get to read them and you’ll be fine,” the shopper wrote on the Kmart Hacks & Decor page.

Again, the joke inside the cracker was also a Christmas one. has contacted Kmart Australia for comment.

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