‘Bad boy’ alligator strolls through Florida neighbourhood without a care

Florida residents were shocked to find the Easter bunny had been replaced by a rather large alligator on Sunday.
Video shared to Facebook showed the massive reptile casually strolling over front laws in Harrington Lake in Venice on Sunday.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office estimated the beast was three metres in length.

The large alligator was filmed strolling through Harrington Lake in Venice. (Facebook)

“First things first: Happy Easter,” they wrote.

“Secondly, we’re not sure if the Easter bunny made its way to Harrington Lake in Venice this morning after coming across this bad boy…

“Boy, did he take his time making it back to the lake he came from.”

The alligator eventually made its way to a nearby lake.
The alligator eventually made its way to a nearby lake. (Supplied)

American alligators are found throughout wetlands in the south-east, but have also been found in North Carolina and eastern Texas

Three-legged, 4.3 metre crocodile pulled from Queensland river after eating two dogs

Ten people have been killed by alligators in the south-east between 1999-2019, the Centers for Disease Control said.


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