Brave group save beached great white in WA

Grabbing a great white shark by the tail and pushing it into water is not a task for the faint-hearted.
But a group of brave beachgoers proved they were up for the job, helping rescue one that washed ashore a Perth beach on Sunday.

The great white was spotted swimming close to shore at Quinns Rocks in the afternoon before it became stuck.

The group of men came across the shark on Sunday afternoon. (Supplied)

In videos, the distressed shark was seen thrashing in the shallow water while opening and closing its mouth.

At least seven men helped push the shark, believed to be a juvenile, back into the ocean.

Their quick-thinking saved the shark from a likely-death.
Their quick-thinking saved the shark from a likely death. (Supplied)

The three- to four-metre beast attacked the motor of the Tuckerfields’ boat and circled them for over an hour.

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WA family’s close encounter with a great white shark

In Australia there are two great white populations: an eastern population and a southern-western population.

Australia’s leading scientific research body CSIRO said the size of the south-western population is “not yet determined”.

However, it estimates there are about 1460 adults cruising the waters from western Victoria to north-west Western Australia.

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