Floods cut off Queensland outback dinosaur museum

An employee from the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in outback central Queensland has captured the impact of heavy rainfall in the desert-like region after heavy flooding cut off access to the site.

Employee Trish Sloan said the rain had inundated roads surrounding the Winton museum, which houses the largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils.

The heavy deluge caused flooding in the usually arid region. (Trish Sloan)
Flooding cut off the museum and Dinosaur Stampede exhibit, which has received 200mm of rain in just days. (Trish Sloan)

Filming the area by helicopter, Ms Sloan captured the arid region transformed into raging wetlands, now flowing with waterfalls.

Ms Sloan described the scenes as “unreal.”

An employee at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum near Winton in outback Queensland has captured incredible scenes from the air as a deluge unleashes on the state.

Incredible scenes captured in outback Queensland

The museum has recorded 160mm of rain since April 23.

The Dinosaur Stampede exhibit, south-west of Winton, recorded 200mm.

Sixteen roads in total have been closed throughout Winton Shire Council. (Trish Sloan)

There has been no damage to the museum but Ms Sloan said employees cannot access it due to the water.

“We just can’t get to it,” she said via social media.

Heavy rain created waterfalls in the outback region. (Australian Age of Dinosaurs)

The museum and Dinosaur Stampede exhibit remains closed to the public due to the overnight downpour.

Sixteen surrounding roads in the Winton Shire Council have been closed.


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