Melbourne man thought he won $1million in Oz lotto, but it was 20 times that

A Melbourne man who thought he’d won $1 million in the lotto actually won 20 times that.

The player, from Tullamarine, north-west of the city, had the only winning division one entry in Oz Lotto last night.

When he got a call from officials this morning he told them: “I think I know why you’re calling”.

A Melbourne man has won $20 million in Oz Lotto. (The Lott)

“I counted all the numbers and realised I’d won. I thought, ‘Is this true? No way’.

“But I thought I’d won one million dollars, not twenty million dollars!,” he said.

“I assumed multiple people won the prize, not just me… It feels like a dream.”

The man said he’d slept well thinking he’d won the cool million dollars, and was going to enjoy a sleep in now he knew the true extent of his overnight fortune.

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“I haven’t celebrated yet. Once I get off the phone with you, I will go back to bed and have a nice sleep in,” he said.

“But then I’ll call my family and share the news with them, and I’m sure they’ll want to do something.”

The man plans to use the money to buy a house, help out his family, and go travelling.

“I’m still renting, so I’ll use the prize to buy myself a house. I also want to help my family and travel around the country,” he said.

The winning ticket was bought at the Tullamarine Authorised Newsagency, with the winning numbers 4, 22, 30, 17, 5, 45, 34, and supplementary numbers 31 and 44.

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