Reappeal for information about death of Uati ‘Pele’ Faletolu

Uati “Pele” Faletolu was knifed in the chest on April 11, while on break from his job working one of the rides. Police believe the public confrontation was planned.

NSW Police are continuing to search for those responsible for the incident.

Uati Felatolu, 17, was stabbed to death at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. (9News)

Founder of Youth Against Violence Ouwais Menzel said the western Sydney community is living in fear because “the killer is still out there”.

“There’s a big sense of fear within our community if this killer is going to be brought to justice, is he going to commit a further offence, or take another life,” he said.

Mr Menzel made an impassioned plea for the person responsible to come forward.

“Come forward before you are caught, we will not give up until you are caught, you are not trusted in our community, you are not welcome in our community,” he said.

Mr Menzel has also called for anyone who was at the show and witnessed the incident to come forward, despite any reservations about contacting police, as the family deserves closure.

Founder of Youth Against Violence Ouwais Menzel appeals for information about fatal Easter Show stabbing.
The founder of Youth Against Violence, Ouwais Menzel, appeals for information about the fatal Easter Show stabbing. (9News)

“There is a lot of disconnect between young people and the police in terms of reporting this incident directly to the police,” Mr Menzel said.

“Any evidence is crucial in bringing the killer to justice.

“Those young people who witnessed or have footage of it should come forward to people they trust, if they don’t trust going to the police then speak to a responsible adult to come to terms with what happened and provide evidence.”

A teen died after a stabbing at Sydney's Royal Easter Show.
The 17-year-old died after a stabbing at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. (Nine)

They described the 17-year-old as a “happy, outgoing young man with a loving heart”.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online.

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