Super Netball 2022 Team of the Season so far

We’re seven rounds into netball’s top-flight league for 2022, and it’s still tight on the ladder, as COVID continues to level the playing field.

Almost every team in the competition has been affected by the virus at some point, and as a result, the leader board seems to change dramatically week to week. Currently three wins is all that separates the top and bottom teams.

But who have been the stand-out players? We’ve taken a closer look at Champion Data’s half-season stats to determine the ABC’s Team of the Season so far.

GS — Jhaniele Fowler

Jhaniele Fowler has been the most successful goal shooter in the history of the Super Netball league.(AAP: Richard Wainwright)

394 goals at 95.6 per cent

23 offensive rebounds

Fowler’s inclusion will shock absolutely no-one, as a four-time Super Netball MVP and the most dominant shooter in the competition since joining the Fever in 2018.

The Jamaican’s height (1.96m) and strength under the post make her difficult to defend, and when the feed is placed high enough, her team can generally roll through their centre passes unchallenged.

The next-best goal shooters, Shimona Nelson (307) and Donnell Wallam (297), are 100 or so goals behind. However, if the team had been picked on excitement factor, Wallam would have been our choice.

GA — Gretel Bueta

Gretel Bueta returns to Super Netball after child
Gretel Bueta has been tearing up the court since having her first child.(AAP: Albert Perez)

144 goals at 87 per cent, 10 offensive rebounds, 10 super shots, 173 centre-pass receives, 99 goal assists

The race for the goal attack bib was mostly between three players, all whom were deserving of the spot.

However, Bueta’s accuracy and her ability to play a bigger role in connecting the shooting circle with the midcourt sealed the deal.

As the player leading the competition for centre-pass receives, Bueta is the only shooter in the top five for that particular stat. She also spends a lot of time setting up scoring opportunities for the Firebirds looking at her whopping assist tally.

Helen Housby: 202 goals at 77 per cent, 17 rebounds, 37 super shots, 94 centre-pass receives, 27 goal assists

Sophie Dwyer: 153 goals at 84 per cent, 6 rebounds, 21 super shots, 110 centre-pass receives, 65 goal assists

WA — Kelsey Browne

Kelsey Browne Collingwood Magpies
Magpies midcourter Kelsey Browne has lifted her game in the past few weeks.(AAP: James Ross)

158 goal assists, 255 feeds, 137 centre-pass receives, 93 second-phase receives, 40 penalties, 29 turnovers, 8 gains

Since missing out on Diamonds selection, Kelsey Browne has responded in the best way possible, spurring her team onto two straight victories against top-three teams.

In doing so, Browne has pipped Australian captain Liz Watson, with more goal assists and  second-phase receives.

It’s also important to be able to win ball from any position, and so Browne’s eight gains (six of them intercepts) was the defining stat that got her over the line.

NSW Swifts midcourter Maddy Proud was another contender, but Browne was better at staying in play and treasuring the ball.

Proud: 176 goal assists, 296 feeds, 104 centre-pass receives, 80 second-phase receives, 56 penalties, 33 turnovers, 6 gains

Watson: 155 goal assists, 276 feeds, 144 centre-pass receives, 82 second-phase receives, 41 penalties, 26 turnovers, 2 gains

C — Jamie-Lee Price

A netballer in the action of passing the ball with an opposition player defending her
Jamie-Lee Price is doing a great job in centre for the Giants.(AAP: Russell Freeman)

123 goal assists, 210 feeds, 103 second-phase receives, 46 penalties, 26 turnovers, 5 gains

Price has more goal assists, feeds and second-phase receives than any other starting centre, demonstrating the huge amount of traffic coming through her hands.

Interestingly enough, Giants wing attack Maddie Hay also has 205 feeds, showing the team in orange have an even flow of possession shared between the midcourters. 

Price’s turnover rate is a little high, but countering that are the five gains she’s tallied, proving she can just as quickly win the ball back.

Kim Ravaillion: 116 goal assists, 194 feeds, 76 second-phase receives, 76 penalties, 26 turnovers, 3 gains 

Verity Simmons: 91 goal assists, 154 feeds, 93 second-phase receives, 34 penalties, 27 turnovers, 4 gains

Kate Moloney: 72 goal assists, 130 feeds, 52 second-phase receives, 66 penalties, 16 turnovers, 6 gains

Paige Hadley: 63 goal assists, 121 feeds, 70 second-phase receives, 32 penalties, 23 turnovers, 4 gains

WD — Amy Parmenter

A Giants Super Netball player prepares to pass the ball with her right hand against the Melbourne Vixens.
Parmenter is already a key member of the Diamonds Commonwealth Games squad.(AAP: James Ross)

10 gains, 9 turnovers, 54 penalties

This player was probably the hardest to determine, because the wing-defence role can be more about shutting down an opposition’s leads rather than winning ball back — data that is not currently recorded.

This meant it had to be picked based on an overview of stats, to find the player that could do the job while staying in play as much as possible.

Even though she is still the type to hunt ball, Amy Parmenter was the least penalised, had a low turnover rate and 10 gains, despite missing one game due to COVID.

Hannah Petty: 12 gains, 19 turnovers, 79 penalties

Ash Brazill: 11 games. 22 turnovers, 66 penaltties

Gabi Simpson: 10 gains, 9 turnovers, 62 penalties

GD — Ruby Bakewell-Doran

Ruby Bakewell-Doran
Bakewell-Doran has burst onto the scene in 2022 for the Firebirds.(AAP: James Gourley)

26 gains, 12 intercepts, 8 rebounds, 29 deflections, 50 penalties

23-year-old Ruby Bakewell-Doran may not have been signed as a starting goal defence, but her performances have seen her steal the opening spot from Kim Jenner.

Her ability to steal ball back and remain in play is boding well for the purple army, and it’s no surprise they’re in the top three with Bakewell-Doran on their team.

Diamonds veteran Weston was her closest contender and despite having one more gain on her tally, has spent 114 more minutes on court and been heavily penalised.

Weston: 27 gains, 13 intercepts, 12 rebounds, 18 deflections, 99 penalties

GK — Shamera Sterling

Shamera Sterling Adelaide Thunderbirds West Coast Fever Sasha Glasgow
Shamera Sterling’s long reach helps her win a lot of ball back for the Thunderbirds.(AAP: Matt Turner)

55 gains, 28 intercepts, 22 rebounds, 30 deflections, 8 blocks, 88 penalties

The second Jamaican to feature, Shamera Sterling has been the best goal keeper so far, despite the fact the Thunderbirds sit in seventh place.

Sterling has dazzled fans with her ball-winning ability and holds the record for the most gains in a game this season (15 against the Giants in Round 2).

Her closest challenger, Courtney Bruce, has also been in phenomenal form, but Sterling edges in front when you compare their penalty count and the amount of ball she’s been able to get two hands to.

Bruce: 50 gains, 16 intercepts, 23 rebounds, 42 deflections, 2 blocks, 120 penalties


Shooter — Helen Housby

A NSW Swifts Super Netball players yells out as she celebrates her side's win over the West Coast Fever.
NSW Swifts shooter Helen Housby is doing a mountain of work in the absence of Sam Wallace.(AAP: James Ross)

After the Swifts lost their go-to shooter in the opening round, English import Housby has taken on huge responsibility, guiding her young teammates through.

Her stats show she’s doing the heavy lifting when it comes to shooting goals and mopping up any missed attempts.

Midcourt — Liz Watson

Gabi Simpson and Liz Watson look at a netball as both crouch towards it
Liz Watson is widely regarded as the best wing attack in the game.(AAP: Glenn Hunt)

You didn’t really think we were going to leave Liz Watson out, did you?

Averaging 39 feeds per match, Watson’s consistency and low turnover rate demonstrates why she’s an asset to any netball team.

Defender — Jo Weston

A Melbourne Vixens Super Netball players holds the ball with two hands.
Defender Jo Weston has been consistenty good for the Melbourne Vixens.(AAP: James Ross)

Weston is another who is too good to leave out and doubles as a utility player, spending time at wing defence and goal keeper when required this season.

Perhaps the reason she and Vixens teammate, Liz Watson, have made the team but not cemented starting positions is a product of the team’s strength as a unit, rather than any one player stealing the show.

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