New ‘rollable’ TV launches in Australia but it’s not cheap

A flashy ‘rollable’ TV has been launched in Australia but it comes with a hefty price tag.

The world-first LG Rollable OLED TV retails for just shy of $130,000 with the company calling it a “work of art fit for luxury living”.

It has previously been available overseas but is now on sale here in Australia.

The TV rolls up and down into the cabinet below it. (9News)
LG launches $130,000 rollable TV in Australia.
It is designed for “luxury living” according to LG. (9News)

“LG R Rollable OLED TV reimagines what a TV is capable of and revolutionises the way people use their space,” LG said in a statement.

LG’s home entertainment marketing manager Tony Brown told 9News the TV “isn’t for everyone”.

“It’s $129,999 so it’s not for everyone but it is a cutting edge demonstration of what you can do with OLED technology,” he said.

LG launches $130,000 rollable TV in Australia.
It is custom made for nearly $130,000. (9News)
LG launches $130k rollable TV in Australia.
The TV rolls up into this space in the cabinet. (9News)

The TV features an “ultra-thin flexible” OLED screen which makes it possible to roll into the cabinet.

“The screen is so thin you can actually roll it up and around a cylinder and put your TV away when you’re not using it.”

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It is available via custom order and then it is custom made, which you would expect considering the price tag.

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