Taika Waititi portrait claims Packing Room Prize

Anh Do is one of 51 artists selected as an Archibald Prize finalist for his “up close” portrait of Peter Garrett.

Garrett, the lead singer of Midnight Oil, is an environmental and social activist and former federal MP.

Do first painted him in 2021 for the ABC TV show Anh’s Brush with Fame.

“My friend Peter has a remarkable presence about him, at once intense and almost overwhelming, but also gentle and somehow soothing,” Do said.

“If he was a Viking chieftain leading you into battle, you would feel comforted, knowing your leader cared deeply about you, while at the same time confident that the guys you’re battling will be shaking in their boots.”

Born in Vietnam, Do is a comedian and author as well as an artist.

An Archibald finalist on three previous occasions, he won the 2017 People’s Choice with a portrait of actor Jack Charles.


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