Federal Election 2022: Live coverage of the Leaders Debate between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese

Chief Political Correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, David Crowe asked the leaders what they are doing to help young Australians facing “rising rents, out of reach house prices, student debts”.

One leader talked about housing while the other focused on jobs.

“Young people are doing it really tough, no doubt about that,” Albanese said.

He said Labor has a “comprehensive plan”.

“We have that in terms of increased investment in social housing. We have that in 20,000 additional housing dwellings. 

“We have a plan for 10,000 affordable housing units for essential workers,” he said, before Crowe pointed out that policy is for all Aussies, not just young ones.

Morrison said: “the biggest thing I think we can do for young Australians is to make sure they get jobs”. 

“That is why we have 800,000 training places as part of our budget, just this year, and that is ensuring those training places to the tune of $3.7 billion that comes on top of the support we have been getting apprentices into trade training, we have more apprentices in trade training today, 220,000 of them, then we have since records began in 1963. 

“I know from being a social services minister that if you don’t get a young person into a job by their early 20s, the chance of them spending a lifetime on welfare goes through the roof,” the PM claimed. 

“My mission has always been to get young Australians into work.”


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