Massive rainfall forecast for Queensland; Queen to miss opening of Parliament; Russian ambassador doused in red paint by protesters; Australian rock star’s son dies

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has sounded a note of caution over Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s widening poll lead, saying signs are not so hopeful in Tasmania.

“What I do see down here in Tassie is, you can see the ‘Bill Shorten effect’ has hit in the last four weeks, and he started losing ground,” she said.

“To be brutally honest, I don’t see it happening down here for him this time.”

She said both Albanese and Prime Minister Scott Morrison were ignoring cost of living issues.

“They seem to be avoiding the questions. It’s getting really tough,” she said.

With electricity prices forecast to rise in coming weeks, she said pensioners in her area were already going without lunch or dinner to pay the bills.

And rent price increases could outright push those people out of their homes.

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