Perth woman fined after driving through fence into residential pool

A Perth woman has been fined almost $2000, after crashing her car through a residential fence and into a swimming pool.

Thiri Htut, a 25-year-old learner driver, had been driving in Thornlie, in Perth’s south-east when she lost control of the vehicle, ploughing into the nearby property.

She later blew 0.146 on a breath test.

The learner driver, who was over the legal alcohol limit, drove through a fence and into somebody’s pool. (Nine)

CCTV footage captured the incident, as Htut’s Hyundai crashed through the fence and plunged into the water, quickly sinking to the bottom of the pool with the woman inside.

Two nearby tradies who witnessed the incident quickly jumped into the pool to rescue her.

Two men jumped in the water to rescue the woman, who had become submerged in the vehicle. (Nine)

With the doors sealed shut due to the water pressure, the two men used bricks and their elbows to force their way into the car, smashing the windows to get to the woman.

One of the rescuers received cuts to his arm in the process but the pair managed to pull Htut to safety.

The men used bricks and their elbows to break the windows of the car, where the 25-year-old was trapped. (Nine)

In court, Htut plead guilty to driving unlicensed and drink driving.

She thanked her rescuers for coming to her aid and apologised for the incident.

“Thank you so much for saving my life and I’m really sorry for all the damages and everything I caused,” Htut said.

Htut said she deeply regrets the incident, apologising for the damage caused. (Nine)

In court, the magistrate labelled the woman’s decision to get behind the wheel “appalling judgement”.

The 25-year-old will be banned from driving for 18 months and has been fined almost $2000.

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The court heard the car involved was uninsured.

“I get what I deserve I guess,” Htut said.

“Shouldn’t of been doing stupid things like that… Very big life lesson.”

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