Actor Craig McLachlan denies inappropriately touching female actors during Rocky Horror Show production

Actor Craig McLachlan has denied inappropriately touching female actors on stage during the 2014 production of the Rocky Horror Show, the NSW Supreme court has heard.
The former Neighbours star gave evidence today during a defamation trial he brought on, claiming his personal and professional reputation was injured after the ABC and Nine newspapers published reports containing allegations he sexually harassed and assaulted female colleagues during the musical.

Today he told a jury he was “very friendly” with all of the cases and gave details of backstage shenanigans that occurred off stage, where cast members regularly touched, hugged and kissed.

Craig McLachlan arriving at the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday. (RHETT WYMAN)

He also told the court that one of the actresses who has accused him of inappropriate behaviour – Christie Whelan Browne – often pulled crew members’ pants down, gave them wedgies and poked people up the bottom with her fingers in an act he referred to as “goosing”.

His evidence came after lawyers for the media outlets told the jury they would hear evidence McLachlan sexually harassed and indecently assaulted 11 women during his career – including the sexually charged musical, Neighbours and The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

Three women, who acted in a bed scene with McLachlan during the Rocky Horror Show, claimed that when he disappeared from the audience’s view behind a sheet, he either kissed their breasts, buttocks or back – something that wasn’t part of the script and made them “feel uncomfortable”.

Craig McLachlan and Vanessa Scammell enter the Supreme Court   on Tuesday May 10.
Craig McLachlan and Vanessa Scammell enter the Supreme Court on Tuesday May 10. (Nick Moir)

McLachlan told the court he never kissed any of the actresses below their arms.

Barrister Michael Hodge QC told the jury they could expect to hear the evidence from another woman who alleges she confronted McLachlan after he stuck his tongue in her mouth on stage.

Hodge said the woman will give evidence about how McLachlan became aggressive and told her if she ever spoke like that again he would “end her”.

The trial is expected to run for four weeks with a series of actors to give evidence including Wolf Creek star John Jarratt.

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