Crocodile encounters and sightings in Australia including in Queensland and Northern Territory

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife have shared a reminder to always be croc-wise, after pulling a 3.1m crocodile out of a culvert on Gunn Point Road, north-east of Darwin.

“A croc of his size could easily kill a human,” a warning from the Crocodile Management Team read.

The culvert on Gunn Point road is a popular swimming and walking location.

It’s believed the scarring on the side of the crocodile’s body is due to a fight with another crocodile.

Wildlife rangers warned the Territory’s wet season created “crocodile superhighways,” warning residents to always be on the look out for crocs.

“Swollen creeks and high water levels in the wet season create crocodile superhighways, allowing them to easily move into places they are not often found.

“Just because you didn’t see a crocodile there yesterday, doesn’t mean there isn’t one there today.”

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