Liberal MP denies mistaking identity during heated radio debate

Labor’s candidate for Reid, Sally Sitou has said she is “disappointed” the seat’s member, Fiona Martin, denied confusing her with another Asian-Australian political candidate.

The Liberal MP came under fire after a heated discussion on 2GB earlier today heard claims that Sitou was only contesting the seat because she’d missed out on running in the electorate of Fowler.

“You found an opportunity and you couldn’t run in Fowler. Kristina Keneally kicked you out of Fowler too,” claimed Martin.

Reid MP Fiona Martin was involved in a heated debate with her Labor rival, Sally Sitou where she has been accused of confusing the Labor candidate with another Asian-Australian woman. (2GB)

But Sitou hit back by saying the MP was “just making things up”, as she has never been involved in a pre-selection battle for Fowler.

“That’s how ridiculous this debate has gotten,” she said.

“And I’m really sorry your listeners have had to listen to that.”

Labor officials have gone on to say they believe Martin may have confused Sitou with Vietnamese-Australian lawyer Tu Le who lost preselection to Keneally in Fowler.

Sitou later addressed the issue on Twitter, demanding an apology, but Martin denied the accusation.

“Campaigns are stressful and she made a mistake,” Sitou tweeted.

“I’d just like her to apologise for mistaking me for a different person.”

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