Moment four-wheel-drive careers into Pooraka pet shop

A car has careered into an Adelaide pet shop, pinning two staff behind the counter.

It was a close call for the employees when the four-wheel-drive crashed through the shop in Pooraka, in the city’s north.

Luckily, they were not hurt and the animals in the shop also escaped injury.

Car smashes into Adelaide pet shop leaving two staff pinned behind counter. (9News)

One of the staff said they were at the counter, when the car smashed through the whole front of the shop.

“We sort of got stuck behind the car and the bench,” xx said.

“I’m bruised, probably a broken rib as well but I’ll be okay.”

The shocked passenger inside the car says it just took off, and put the accident down to a mechanical fault.

The owners hope they will be able to reopen the store next week.

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